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Indiana Homeowners Need to File Homestead Verification Forms by May 5
May 3, 2010

In 2009, the Indiana legislature passed a bill that required EVERY property owner to file a new form for verification of homestead credit eligibility. The form should have been sent to you recently by your county auditor. It is a pink sheet that was included with the property tax statement/bill that recently came to your home. 

Many taxpayers have the mortgage company pay the taxes out of the escrow, so the taxpayer ignores these type of notices. We want to make sure everyone we know files the required form to keep the homestead credit in place. Even if you filed the form when you purchased your home, you MUST file this new verification form. If you don’t file the form before the deadline (May 5, 2010) the homestead credit will be removed from your property. The homestead credit reduces your taxable property value by $45,000. Tax rates vary by area, but a reasonable estimate would be that not filing would result in your property taxes increasing by approximately $1,250 per year.

If you have the pink form, you should fill it in, fax/mail/drop off to your County Auditor’s office. The verification can be completed online at This site will also have an explanation of why the form is needed.  You will need to know your state parcel number, the last 5 digits of your social security number and the last 5 digits of your drivers license number. If you are married, you will need this info for both people. 

Don’t delay–May 5 is almost here!

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  1. Joan Logan said

    If the form for refiling for Indiana homestead credit was in with my 2010 property tax statement for Indiana, I must be blind as I didn’t find one. When I got the 2011 statement with no homestead credit, I just now looked it up and found that we were to refile. I bet a lot of people got caught with this, due to lack of publicity.

  2. Sandra Suray said

    When we filled out the homestead credit form in 2009 we were told by the Auditors office we did not have to fill out the form anymore. It was to be good for the rest of the years. What goes we have received a bill no credit and it says to fill out the pink form enclosed. What pink form there was non. Just like Joan had said. Now we have to go to the Auditors office and fight for our credit. No wonder seniors do not live long any more.

  3. Mike said

    how is it possible for someone to file 2 homestead exemptions I know it can’t be legal

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